• We have identified the following problems
  • The global economic system and its local variations, has been historically & consistently based on scarcity , manipulating & distorting both economic input & output. It creates & sustains inequity of distribution & allocation of resources. Outright ancient slavery was replaced by the feudalistic slavery and then the imperialistic one which created the trading middle class and most recently the information slavery.
  • Very few international institutional donor programs have been historically successful in a consistent or measurable ways, calling into question what they actually serve and whether they contribute in any meaningful ways to the alleviation of poverty, improvement of health, education, social services and equitable resources distribution. They more usually than not, serve political or economic interests and funds are not reaching either the purposes or the recipients who mostly need it, due to mismanagement, corruption or political considerations.
  • Philanthropy at corporate level is strictly guided by either financial benefit agendas or tax related considerations, without paying attention to efficiency and positive impact on either the recipients or the consistency of programs funded. At individual level, philanthropy has been driven by a blend of guilt & ego boosting reactions, as a feeling-good pill, attempting to exorcise the misfortune of others, rather than out of true conscious altruism, ignoring or denying the global choices and their inequitable implications on 3rd world populations.
  • The traditional financial system has been both incapable & unwilling to meet the real and urgent needs of both the 3rd world countries and more significantly their lowest income populations, excluding them from the access to it, either through banking practices, regulatory constraints and mere business narrow-mindlessness all of which keep billions of people unbanked and unable to contribute to the development of their economies and their family’s well-being.
  • The emergence of Cryptocurrencies have been associated with various negative connotations such as tax evasion, money laundering, financial speculation, greed, absence of productive social or economic value and increase of socio-economic inequality. These negative connotations have tarnished the image of cryptocurrencies and they are not broadly considered as vehicles of ethical financial or economic expression. The majority of alt-tokens don’t serve a clear and meaningful utility purpose other than speculation as their end game.. However their surge has boosted the development of blockchain technology providing a more democratic & empowering private, cheap & secure framework for financial transactions. This evolution of blockchain technology can now offer a unique opportunity to harness & distribute energy in dramatically more ethical & equitable ways, if that is the driving intention behind it. 
  • We firmly believe that every person is endowed with a Human Economic Worth and is capable & willing to share his/her time, skills, resources, network and organically fulfill all his/her needs while contributing to society – if is given the unobstructed opportunity to do so. We aim to unleash this hidden worth & practically demonstrate with our HWEF projects, that Human economic worth and its direct interexchange can create an economic abundance, tackling the unnecessary wide-spread inequality, poverty & human suffering. We intend to exhibit that this is possible without the use of “money”

Manifestation Dynamics

We believe that our human life is a partial reflection of a cosmic energy dance.For any manifestation, the fundamental principle that propels that manifestation is a WHY .The ultimate WHY is LOVE. Everything originates from LOVE and is destined towards LOVE. WHY needs to be manifested – irrelevant of what form it takes, how it manifests, where or when or by who or which vehicle. It does though refer to the whom or which it serves as its end purpose. All the WHY serve a single principle. EQUILIBRIUM

  • WHY has no form yet and can take any different forms on its path.The first level of WHY formulation is the WHAT. The WHY can be expressed through many possible WHAT. One of them will supersede the other potential WHAT and establish the most likely form it will take
  • This chosen WHAT can be expressed in many different HOW. One of them will supersede the other potential HOW and establish the most likely method of expression
  • Each HOW can be expressed in many different WHERE. One of them will supersede the other potential WHERE and establish the most likely space  of that expression
  • Each WHERE can be expressed in many different WHEN. One of them will supersede the other potential WHERE and establish the most likely timing of that expression
  • Each WHEN can be expressed through many different WHO (people) or WHICH (circumstances). One or more of WHO or WHICH will supersede the other potential WHO (people) or WHICH (circumstances) and establish the most likely WHO candidate/s carrying out that expression

The chosen WHO or WHICH will act as carrier/s of that expression

Finally the entire complex of the above WHY, WHAT, HOW, WHERE, WHEN,  and WHO will deliver the distilled product to WHOM would be the end-beneficiaries of WHICH end-purpose

Of course in reality all these layers interact beyond space & time, exchanging & evaluating information of all potential what objects, all potential how methods, all potential where space locations, all potential when time moments,  and all potential who or which would facilitate that manifestation towards the most optimal whom or which end purpose .

All the probabilities across those layers are loaded into a central processing and an algorithm determines the optimal combination, followed by multiple back-up alternatives.

In fact both the WHERE & WHEN apply to the human consciousness as a space-time continuum, difficult to separate or sequence because they feed each other beyond space & time. It can be that the WHEN necessitates WHERE or the WHERE necessitates WHEN

Let’s see how this concept applies to our project

The entire manifestation process is all in reverse of the one we humanly perceive.
It is not our human consciousness that guides the manifestation process.
It is the energetic thought form which set the rhythm of interaction.
The “Soul space realm” and the “human space-time manifestations” are simply the consenting host platforms.

What represents the HWE project, is a complete hexagonally structured thought form.
The HWE project is it symbolic representation of how it can be manifested in space-time.
The ventures which will support, complement and energetically charge the HWE project are procedural tools.
The collective human consciousness realm is their host.
No independent action or strife is required by the host.
The mere recognition of the What thought form by the host, allows it to proliferate and expand its structure.

It is the what which choose to be expressed in space.
Not the how it will be manifested.
Not where in space.
Not when in time.
Not who would be the hosts.
Not whom would affect.

Even the what is a translation of the why, which is elusive because is an overriding frequency field.
Any attempt to grasp the why, distorts and limits its frequency essence.
Any attempted interpretation of the significance or purpose or meaning of the what is futile because of the elusiveness of the why.
The only answer to the why is simply … because ! It is a deep knowing without the need to be fully comprehended.
No hosting platforms can grasp the why, but they can grasp the what.
In order for the what energy to be mobilized, the hosting platforms need to invent meaning, purpose & significance but the true why stays elusive.

The what is a complete blueprint and contains the entire information of the how, where, when, who & whom will be engaged in its manifestation process.
It is the what that forms the structured identity core, which inevitably gravitates the how, where, when, who & whom
When the hosts of the “collective soul human consciousness” & the “personal human consciousness” surrender to the what and become part of its identity, everything else forms in coherence with the omni-structure of the what thought form. The what is the most potent and the most structured entity and it is destined to energetically prevail, absorb all other partially vibrating frequencies within its sphere of influence and optimally shape them.

The partial perception of the what by the “personal” who, kickstarts the osmosis that gravitate the how, where, when and connect them with both the what and the whom will be ultimately affected.

The what creates & shapes the how.
The what & how, create & shape the where.
The what, how & where, create & shape the when.
The what, how, where & when, create & shape who would be the consenting hosts.
The what, how, where, when & who, create & shape whom would be ultimately affected, how they will be affected, where they will be affected, when they will be affected and by who they will be affected.

Most likely the why indicates a form of service. Analyzing the meaning of service in ancient Greek:
I Service = Υπ-ηρετῶ from ερεττῶ = ελαῦνω = βάλλω εἰς κίνησιν = mobilize, manifest
Υπ-ηρετῶ (I service) indicates that “I subjugate to mobilization”


This fundamental WHY is always in action. It seeks equilibrium in space-time. No matter of what form, how, where , when or by who. Equilibrium is always present even when it seems that chaos rules.
There is a microcosmic as well as a macrocosmic equilibrium in every atom, cell, organism, society, species, ecosystem, planet, star system, galactic or intergalactic order. This is a governing never-failing WHY producing manifestation as part of that equilibrium sustainability.

So when a WHAT has surfaced with consistent intensity, WHAT can be done as contribution to that equilibrium and that What has penetrated its way through the potential methods, time, place and reached the consciousness of many people who are ready & willing to serve its manifestation – inviting them to do so, by overcoming their fears, surrendering their egos, and become facilitating vehicles of the WHY.

We experience the loudness of that WHY very vividly and consistently. Our own fears, desires, expectations, judgments seem incapable to silence that sound for decades. We feel “haunted” by that persistent vision that rules our lives because we actually live in that manifested alternate reality and the weird aberration is waking up into this supposedly “real life” we all live in – which feels like a dream


Our scarcity-based Fiat economic system, suppresses, limits, distorts, discards or manipulates economic output by using either the control of physical assets, OR the control of means of production OR the control of information as its survival weapon. This control devalues the true worth of human contribution to the economic life.
We firmly believe that every person is endowed with a Human Economic Worth and is capable & willing to share his/her time, skills, resources, network and organically fulfill all his/her needs while contributing to society - if is given the unobstructed opportunity to do so.

This concept of Human Worth and how it can be exchanged, reveals an economic force, capturing the significance of that potential, which is an unutilized, suppressed, distorted or manipulated output by our current scarcity-based socioeconomic system which devalues the true worth of human contribution to the economic life. Nevertheless, this potential has 2 ingrained elements – its production & its distribution.
The Production element, is that the true value contained in the energy produced directly by human interaction, when is not suppressed, can proliferate abundantly.

The Distribution element, is that when is utilized selflessly, compassionately, community/environmentally sensitive , it naturally & abundantly grows and becomes more harmonic and efficient in its flow, enhancing its overall value & worth – while when is used selfishly & unwisely , this potential value shrinks to varying degrees.

This WHAT we are guided to propose, as an object or form, reflects a harmonic equilibrium with the cosmic principles, because it is based on abundance rather than scarcity & values our human worth energy as a fundamental energy force. Let’s not forget though that that worth always needs to be in sync and respect with the overall animal, plant, mineral ecosystems.

Although it activates first the economic system transformation, that economic transformation is undivided part of a wider social, economic, political, cultural, environmental , scientific, educational, ethical and most importantly spiritual transformation
We feel that this WHAT has already gone through an algorithmic cosmic due diligence and has filtered out improbabilities across the spectrum of methods, timing and space


The WHAT has been haunting us for a very long time and all previous HOWs seemed elusive in their efficiency and viability, obstructed as well by the optimal timing factor of WHEN. The HOW we are guided to introduce as a method utilizes the recent Decentralized Finance revolution which provides a more democratic, private, cheap & secure framework for all types of transactions.

Through DeFi, assets & rights of use, can be accessed, shared or distributed through their tokenization and fractional stake-holding, capitalizing on current & potential underlying values.

We are in the development stage of launching an Ethical Utility token based on a DeFi platform with integrated smart contracts which will define all the terms & conditions for its participants and users. It would be a truly economically productive, socially supportive, spiritually inspired, self-empowering ecosystem intending to reach and improve the lives of hundreds of millions of people. We are developing our own private ledger blockchain infrastructure secure protocols, exchange, wallet and payment/conversion systems to facilitate & secure the utility token transactions and minimize costs for users. An initial supply of 1.215 billion Ethical Utility tokens with an initial face value of $1.215 billion would be freely donated to millions of needy households, children & youth projects via 50,000  NGOs.

Through them, it would be distributed within a rapidly expanding international ecosystem of charities focused on children, youth & women, commoditized self-employment, community projects, microcredit, bartering, spiritual enhancement.

By focusing on the development of:

  • Spiritual development in action ( compassion, solidarity, volunteering, donations)
  • Self-worth empowerment via commoditizing Self-employment opportunities
  • An alternative community-based P2P, B2B, B2P, P2B economic system

Utility token users would – in predesignated ways – be rewarded with more utility tokens for selfless behavior & community project investment VS been “penalized” for personal consumption & fiat conversion. Absorption of the supply will trigger automatically further token minting and distributions

The primary end-beneficiaries in terms of priority would be:

  • Children charity projects focused on poverty, health, education, safety, spiritual development
  • Women empowerment through small businesses, microcredit, vocational training
  • Youth empowerment projects focused on social sensitivity, vocational training, small businesses
  • Community projects focused initially on poverty, holistic health care, education child care and gradually on infrastructure needs such as sanitation, drinking water, electricity, vocational training, employment and self-employment.

The project will gradually expand to every other aspect of life thus creating a synergistic, easily accessible & valuable ecosystem for all participants. It will also expand the versatility & methods of the tokens’ utilization, assignment, credit/debit, trading, barter & conversion, by incorporating mobile apps, social media, chat rooms, online support, fin-tech partner apps, mobile credit, microcredit & “trustee” networks, among others.

The utility token’s abundant supply would NOT cause any inflationary or depreciating side-effects as our current fiat system has. The reason is because it would always be value-backed by the undeniable human worth of all people contributing to the ecosystem and the registration of their productive services of time, work, or money credited & debited to their accounts.

We have recognized that we have to do this in a responsible, cautious way, so not to create unintended side effects due to the increasing money supply which should enhance but not destabilize the local fiat-based economies. We would maintain the added value supply at around 20%-25% of the fiat-based money supply and increase gradually from there on. We estimate that the need in these under-privileged slum communities would easily absorb our extra value supply without destabilizing the existing economies.

A delicate balance should be maintained, to create a positive impact while avoid attracting any undue adversity from interest groups, such as businesses, underworld or government entities which thrive on scarcity, control, manipulation & corruption.


The project will be supported by the ICO of a parallel specialized Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrency on the Ethereum platform.

  • The 1/3 of its token supply will be made available for investment by Ethically-oriented investors
  •  The 1/3 of its token supply would be directed towards business activities as investments in the sectors of Holistic Health care, Biotech, AI, Machine learning, FinTech, Blockchain tech, DNA storage, IoT, Additive manufacturing, Solar & Hydrogen power, Battery options, Quantum computing, ER & VR as well as selective financial markets.
  • The 1/3 would be placed in Trust for the Foundation’s ethical projects’ activities

Charges for this token’s transactions plus charges for realized trading profits would be levied and directed to the Foundation

In a nutshell this Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrency would be the 1st Ethically oriented cryptocurrency and it would be asset-backed – initially by the current assets of a holistic health resort operation & real estate and gradually by all the above mentioned business activities & investments. In that way it would provide credibility to the ethical investors and increase its underlying value, making it a true investment vehicle rather than a speculative bubble. Therefore we expect that its value will consistently appreciate and that would further assist the operation & expansion of our Utility token ecosystem.



Once the HOW has been solidified, the assessment of timing has been essential. We feel that the timing is optimal right now. The recent Covid-19 crisis has disrupted the entire world in both negative ways and positive ways.The negative impact has been that this “pandemic” crisis has rapidly and deeply magnified inequality and the prospect of massive poverty, accompanied by anticipated health crises. That imminent predicament is creating a tremendous & urgent need by the 3rd world populations which are suffering more and that suffering is expected to extensively deteriorate

The positive impact has been that the entire scarcity-based economic system is in its deepest crisis since the Great Depression and it appears unable to handle it successfully. The strategy of just printing fiat money by the trillions trying to salvage the global economy and pacify the global population is flawed and it has been detected even by its own structural players. A mistrust of the system which they have been supporting for decades causes a seismic rift in the foundation of the system itself. Trillions of fiat “smart money” have no profitable destination and for the first time there is a serious shift towards decentralized finance both for financial reasons as well as for security protocols enhancement. The end of globalization and the shift towards regionalization places more pressure into the established system. That creates an optimal time opportunity to be seized.

  • Our project is underway and a full implementation plan has been prepared.
  • We are currently working on the complex DeFi development which would integrate all smart contracts, the security protocols of a private blockchain, our own exchange & wallet, a set of initial & ongoing audits & bug- fixes and the support of a secure & sustainable growth of a complex system of global/local payments & conversions
  •  We are exploring the legal framework of the governing body as Foundation or Trust, its jurisdiction and the relevant legislation & regulations
  • We are drafting the specific operating manuals.
  •  We are also in the process of hiring the international & local management teams.


We would launch the 1st pilot project in Nairobi, Kenya in the Kibera slum township, as a firm demonstration of our irreversible commitment and credibility that “we walk the talk”.We would densely congregate the supply of the utility tokens in local clusters in order to achieve critical mass in the local community and optimal synergy in its cross-utilization

There are several reasons for that pilot project choice.

  • Kenya has an established mobile payments system, which would be easy to integrate the utility token.
  • It has the highest use of cryptocurrencies in 3rd world countries.
  • It has among the most functioning legal & administrative systems in Africa which can relatively speaking ease logistical issues.
  • English language is relatively established, which would facilitate initial communications obstacles.
  • It has also a developed charity NGO scene and most importantly a tourist industry which can be integrated later on into the business activities of our project.
  • Nairobi is a city with a sizable population (but not megacity) sufficient for the utility token to expand and it has – relatively speaking – an adequate business environment to attract & integrate local entrepreneurs and small or large businesses into the network.
  • There are approximately 3.5 million slum dwellers in about 200 settlements in Nairobi representing 60% of the Nairobi population and occupying just 6% of the land.
  •  Kibera houses between 400,000 – 600,000  of these people (although estimates vary between 250,000 to 1 million). It is the biggest slum in Africa and one of the biggest in the world. The Government owns all that land.
  • We intend to associate with local NGOs and Harambees plus regional & local “Trustees” such as the ones utilized by Kiva

We assess that the launching in that country, city & neighborhood as well as the activation of a local support & distribution network, is optimal. This population is exactly the type which will benefit most of the ethical utility token’s use.  Most own very little besides a cel phone, the 20% who can access electricity a tv & a fridge, a bicycle and 4% of them a motorbike or car. They are indebted, unbanked, widely unemployed or informal economy workers and most of their life revolves around a few blocks where are all markets, shops, schools, leisure & socialization. We expect that will proliferate the utility token’s usage and services exchange, much faster than most places.

It would be easy for the token’s use to spread across the entire Kibera township and that would be the testing & fine-tuning ground on how we implement the token in other locations, fine-tuning flaws & improve admin & services. We may even label the utility token Kibera token

List of the participating businesses would be the following 2 categories:

  1. DHES Direct Human Energy Services

Hair salons, motorbike repair, electrical appliance repair, health workers nurses, healers, doctors, educators, constructors, electricians, plumbers, movers, clothing/shoes repair and all other repair or direct human services.

  1. Products/Services Merchants

Mini-Markets, Small restaurants &, Bakeries, Clothing outlets, Cel phone credit vendors, Electronics, food items street & market vendors, schools/child care, , pharmacies/optical, clinics/labs, , taxis, petrol street vendors, hardware stores, building materials stores, furniture shops/repair, internet cafes, household items stores, toys/gift stores, Street food vendors, The above would cover the most essential needs of the people in a Kenyan slum township. After the public starts joining-in, then everyone public & businesses can introduce & sign-in more affiliates to expand & enrich the ecosystem

  • Once we saturate the Kibera and the other Nairobi slum townships we can extend its use across the whole metropolitan Nairobi area – which has 6.5 mil inhabitants
  • Next step would be the other 4 largest Kenyan cities of Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru & Eldoret. Among them have an additional 3.5m inhabitants.
  • Through Kisumu on the banks of lake Victoria, we intend to spread the utility token into Uganda & Tanzania, first by targeting all the lake’s ports. The areas around the lake face significant poverty and severe health challenges. Tanzania has a decent size tourist industry which would be assist business opportunities later on.
  • After a solid presence in these 3 African countries we plan to establish a presence in Asia. Countries like Myanmar, Cambodia, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia & The Philippines come first to mind but is not yet clear in what sequence
  •  The next stage would be Latin America with priority countries been Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela, Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba.

At this stage there is no such a significant importance in what exact sequence we reach the most vulnerable 3rd world populations.


Since the WHY has formed the WHAT can be done, HOW it can be done efficiently, the WHEN aligns them conspicuously with this time period, the WHERE has become apparently clear. Only after all the above have been consolidated, appear WHO will be the candidates to carry-out the expression. There is always a filtering process, evaluating the profiles and appropriateness of each of those candidates until the key WHO people have been chosen to deliver it to the end-beneficiaries - the WHOM

These include our team that initiates the project as well as all the other social participants, such as NGOs, businesses, governmental, cultural and spiritual bodies, that will actively participate in the upcoming projects and contribute in their own unique ways


It is these most vulnerable populations that form the most essential WHOM as end-beneficiaries.

It is them WHOM need to be assisted and in the following priority:

  • Firstly the children, focusing on their Safety, Health, Nutrition, Education, & Spiritual development WHOM have no options whatsoever, paying the highest and most unfair price of all. Their well-being should be our civilization’s top priority because our adults mistakes pass-on and unnecessarily mortgage their lives with more poverty, disease & death, perpetuating a vicious cycle and endanger our species overall.
  • Secondly, their main caretakers, their mothers, grandmothers and close family members WHOM need further education, vocational training, self-employment alternatives & microcredit support to put food on the table, afford basic education and provide a nurturing environment for their children.
  •  Thirdly the youth WHOM need further education, vocational training & employment before they get swallowed by dead-end futility and seek solace in alcohol, drugs, violence & crime.
  •  Fourthly the small communities WHICH desperately need sensible solutions and an injection of economic input, so they don’t disintegrate into social alienation & spiritual turmoil

We invite you to be part of this movement and contribute in any way you feel appropriate