Poverty on all its forms

What is economic poverty really? Let’s start with what is the term of economic and then move into what is poverty.

In Greek, the word economy (οικο-νομiα) is consisted of 2 words a) the root word οίκος which means : house, temple, hosting venue and b) the root word νέμω which means: possess, take exploit, govern, assign, share, distribute

If we reflect on that spiritually, our human existence is the house, hosting venue, temple of the Divine . So in principle, economy is not related to the sum of financial resources but is instead

  • the governing act of our divinely assigned human hosting venues
  • either via selfish possession & exploitation OR a selfless shared distribution

This dichotomy captures the entire human history through the choices of our perceptions & actions. Our perception of our human existence and the world around us marks our actions based on a defence against a threatening separateness OR a serene unifying inclusion

Poverty is fundamentally a Lack of Energy and manifests in a variety of forms:

– Economic poverty – manifests as lack of financial abundance & misery

– Physical poverty – manifests as health imbalance, disease & premature aging

– Emotional poverty  – manifests as anger, fear, hatred, blame, guilt reactions of denial

– Mental poverty – manifests as confusion & lack of creativity

– Spiritual poverty – manifests as selfishness, mistrust & separateness

Presence poverty – manifests as living in the past or future and elsewhere but here

As human beings, we all suffer from “poverty consciousness” and in more than one form. We usually compensate for those “poverties” with an excess in one or more realm/s of life, been physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or presence.

Economic poverty bother us and pushes our buttons because it reminds us of our own fundamental poverty no matter of the form it manifests through. We try to deny its existence by escaping, ignoring, substituting, detaching, exorcising, blaming or feeling guilty about it. No matter of our particular reaction strategy, we are enslaving ourselves to those poverties, till we become cruelly honest with ourselves, recognize them and commit to heal them

These fundamental 6 forms of poverty are closely interlinked in 3 pairs ; Economic – Spiritual, Emotional – Mental, Physical – Presence

Abundance (or its lack) links the Economic & the Spiritual realms

– Perception (or its lack) or links the Emotional & Mental realms

– Timelessness (or its lack) links the Physical & Space-Time realms

– Economic poverty can be healed with sharing economic abundance

– Physical poverty can be healed with sustenance of a health equilibrium

– Emotional poverty can be healed with empathy & compassion

– Mental poverty can be healed with focus & creativity

– Spiritual poverty can be healed with trust, faith, realization of inter-connectness & ultimately effortless love

– Presence poverty can be healed with honoring each moment, being here & now

Any healing action in any field reverberates through all of them and heals the rest.

The Physical, Emotional & Economic are linked to our “lower” self while the Mental, Spiritual & Presence to our “higher” self.
We can either work on them starting from the “lower” 3 ascending to the “higher” 3 or in reverse starting from the “higher” 3 descending towards the “lower” 3

The existence of poverty in any sector of life can also be balanced by fortifying or healing any of the other 5 sectors. A sum of all 6 levels of “poverties & abundances” determines the overall life equilibrium. Nothing needs to be perfect and by no means we should not experience any poverties at all. Actually the experience of any type of poverty may develop humility, compassion OR also serve as a motivating factor towards creating other abundances.
In any case a certain minimal threshold of overall aggregated poverty/abundance is required in order to maintain human life.
If we assume that each of the 6 poverty-abundance sectors is divided in 9 levels – out of the total figure of 54, at least a sum of 18 is required to maintain that human life threshold.

It is worth noting that economic poverty is more widely spread in the geographical latitudes closer to the equator as well as in higher temperatures. Even in other countries outside of those zones, most of economic poverty is concentrated among minority groups most of whom originate from those latitudes. This cannot be accidental or circumstantial and it needs to be observed and recognized.

Economic poverty it may not be experienced by all people in the same way and intensity – in contrast to what economic poverty may objectively seem. Also it may not coincide with the perceptions of western people of the 3rd world poor people’s lives.
In fact, it may not be directly the lack of money that is the most compromising poverty factor – instead it may be the effects it has on poor physical health & poor mental faculties (like concentration & creativity). However it may not affect poorly the emotional, spiritual or time sense areas of life, whereas a relative abundance may be surprisingly enhanced.

3rd world economically poor people, may actually be more emotionally generous, open hearted and content, more spiritually centered in a simplistic natural way and live in the present much more than Westerners or economically richer people – whose stress levels, busy schedules, dissatisfaction, greed & fear may keep them emotionally insecure & contracted , spiritually void and time-trapped to the past & future.

Interestingly, economically poor people tend to believe that lack of economic means cause them an entrapment in a vicious unfulfilling cycle, while wealthier people believe that stress entraps them in a vicious unfulfilling cycle of dissatisfaction.
Although they are not entirely wrong in these assumptions, neither economic abundance can magically fix life experience for poorer people NOR the abundance of free time or the lack of emotional or existential stress can magically fix life experience for wealthier people. However both shifts can assist towards a better equilibrium.

Both groups of people through an “energy exchange bank” could deposit their strengths & abundances of the different fields experienced in personal or social contexts and withdraw their actual needs to address their weaknesses.

Economically poorer people can donate their (relatively speaking) abundant simplicity, open heart & higher presence in exchange for
enhanced opportunities for better health, education & overall living conditions donated by economically wealthier people who habitually lack that simplicity, open heart & presence

logo-headerNeither of the 2 groups need to be in denial or envy the other or try to exploit the other or feel blame or guilt against each other – as it usually the case. Their relationship can be complementary rather than antagonistic, fulfilling both towards a better equilibrium and higher consciousness in both a personal as well as in a social level.

Practically that can take place through the establishment of opportunities for human exchanges through either joint or exchanged experiences, like:
– Life exchange programs for both groups in the respective regions/countries
– Social oriented business projects drawing from all diverse experiences
– Inter-Cultural experiences, to enrich the life perception
– Educational programs to raise living qualities – not only economically but in every sense of human fulfilment
– Awareness programs of physical, emotional, mental & spiritual health
– Time-sensitivity training programs to become able to selectively use both the time (past/future) & the timelessness presence , at will, depending on the circumstances.

We believe that in that way all imbalances of life can be recognized and sincerely addressed by all and for all.
Been pragmatic though, this is not an easy or quick task to accomplish. This is why we emphasize the focus to the children, because it takes time to develop a lasting & sustainable awareness in social contexts.

whomChildren already since birth hold in an energetic sense, the overall cosmic equilibrium and we as adults can learn from those values as children experience them, recognize that universal wisdom expressed through childhood and allow children to grow into more fulfilled adults in every sense of abundance.


Our aim is to reveal all forms of poverty and propose how to heal them all.

To recognize life’s worth, our own human worth and the worth of everything around us and how interconnected they all are, as a unified pulsating organism.

We confront economic poverty first, simply because is the most obvious and easy to relate to. It serves as an invitation to all of us to explore our own poverties and dissolve them.

This is why we don’t seek any financial assistance or donations from the public, because that simply hides, distorts and perpetuates our poverty consciousness which is at the root of the issue. Donating money in order to exorcise our guilt, boost our ego or derive a hidden benefit, lock us in it even deeper.

We are all endowed with cosmic energy which we can utilize for all our needs and others’ needs, simply by sharing that inherent worth between us, contributing what we have to offer and receive what we truly need. The more giving we are , the more rewarded we become. It is paradigm shift.

human-worthOnce we demonstrate practically how the ones experiencing the most severe economic poverty can be self-empowered through their own means, we will proceed in demonstrating how we can all achieve physical health, emotional empathy, mental creativity, spiritual union and how to be present in the here & now

A human being, who is economically content, healthy, empathetic, creative, trusting and present, is a fulfilled human being in every sense.


We envision a world, whose economic, political & social system is governed by a new ethical economic system which is in harmony with cosmic universal values. A new economic system based on abundance rather than scarcity. A global transformation socially, economically, politically, culturally, scientifically, educationally, ethically and most importantly spiritually.

A world that values our human worth and uses it as its fundamental economic principle.Everything has value. The only thing required is to reveal this value and unlock its potential. This value can then be used more efficiently, unrestricted, fairly, safely & in consensus, thus becoming more valuable to all their participants. True value lies in the usage & interaction rather than ownership. Temporary Ownership becomes useful only when it supports & enhances usage & interaction. Money is an energy form and it has to flow and produce harmonically, otherwise its distortion, stagnation or excess backfires & becomes cancerous. It may seem as an overly idealistic, utopian or ambitious undertaking but we believe that is not, because all the information & tools are available to us right here, right now.


The only question we are all confronted with is : IS THIS VISION EXISTING or NOT?.
Forget how possible or difficult or complicated may seem, because all these doubts are part of our social and neurological conditioning: IT is either EXISTING or is NOT. The paradox is that only what already EXISTS …can EXIST. What we perceive as potential future existence, is actually an existing past existence, calling us to tune-in and recognize it. Its recognition creates a photonic field entanglement in which the past & future offset each other, cause & effect interact in a mutual agreement and it all meets in what we experience now. Nothing can be perceived if it does not exist. It is its very existence that vibrates in a centrifugal spin and causes our perception of it. The only difference among the myriad things we perceive is momentum, an one-pointness that supersedes all other perceptions doubts, fears, conditioning and sees in a consistent way what it is, in a complete form.
The existence of what is envisioned causes the vision itself. Instead of striving to “get there” by using the conditioning of our “limited resources”- money, time, people etc, the only thing required is that we allow the existing energy accumulation of its complete formation to fuel its “manifestation”.

No matter how hard we try to accelerate photonic energy towards the speed of light we would never succeed. Instead we can decelerate tachyonic energy (speed faster than light) towards the speed of light and that automatically pulls our photonic energy towards the 2 forces mutual meeting at the point of the speed of light. This is a cosmic manifestation principle and it requires no strife. Just the mutual recognition of the 2 forces – which are actually one.





The mission & main objectives of this project are the following:

Our ultimate mission is to reveal all forms of poverty and propose how to heal them all.
To recognize life’s worth, our own human worth and the worth of everything around us and how interconnected they all are, as a unified pulsating organism.
We confront economic poverty first, simply because is the most obvious and easy to relate to. It serves as an invitation to all of us to explore our own poverties and dissolve them.

  • To reveal that there is an intrinsic economic value in every person no matter of its education, experience, age, sex, race or color. Every person is endowed with a Human Worth and is capable & willing to contribute his/her time, skills, resources, network and contribute to society, if is given the unobstructed opportunity to do so
  •  To create projects worldwide that demonstrate the social & economic value of that Human Worth and how its exchange & interaction can become a catalyst towards the development of a sustainable & thriving socio-economic ecosystem


  •  To demonstrate that true economic value & productive output is defined by its usage objectives instead of the possession or control of assets, resources, means of production or means of information – and is abundant & socially cohesive, instead of scarce & socially divisive
  • To validate that when human energy is utilized selflessly, compassionately, community/environmentally sensitive , it naturally & abundantly grows and becomes more harmonic and efficient in its flow, enhancing its overall value & worth – while when is used selfishly & unwisely , this potential value shrinks to varying degrees.
  • To establish a barter trading system which rewards its socially productive usage & preservation while “penalizes” its less productive expenditure for personal ends and leakage into fiat scarcity currency economy.


  • To gradually expand into providing health, child care, employment, education, vocational training, small business ventures, microcredit, leisure opportunities.
  • To develop projects towards those aims, that are ethically-oriented, truly economically productive, socially supportive, spiritually inspired and self-empowering
  • To structure those projects in ways that will benefit primarily the following vulnerable categories of people in 3rd world countries or people from severely disadvantaged groups in any country in that sequence of priority:


1. The children – who have no options whatsoever, paying the highest and most unfair price of all. Their well-being should be our civilization’s top priority because our adults mistakes pass-on and unnecessarily mortgage their lives with more poverty, disease & death, perpetuating a vicious cycle and endanger our species overall.
2. The children’s main caretakers – their mothers, grandmothers and close family members who need urgent financial self-employment alternatives to put food on the table, afford basic education and provide a nurturing environment for their little.

3. The youth – who need increased employment before they get swallowed by dead-end futility and seek solace in alcohol, drugs, violence & crime.
4. The small communities – which desperately need comprehensive solutions and an injection of economic input, so they don’t disintegrate into social alienation & spiritual disconnection

  • To exploit this inherent weakness of the fiat-based financial system by revealing & unleashing the hidden true value of human productive interactions, proliferate that value and use it to acquire strategic positions in the fiat-based economy for consolidation & hedging purposes.
  • To that purpose, we are launching a Utility token to serve as means of transaction in this Ethical ecosystem
  • We are also launching a Proof-of-Stake crypto token to support & expand the use of the Utility token which will be offering the true productive social services.
  • So in a nutshell we propose this dual set of cryptocurrencies which are ethically-oriented, truly economically productive, socially supportive, spiritually inspired, self-empowering and intend to reach and improve the lives of hundreds of millions of people

  •  The Human Worth Exchange Foundation would essentially serve as a temporary Trustee of the common good, monitoring the adherence of those common good values until the communities mature and become able to responsibly handle their own affairs according to these above stated values.
  • When this maturity & community responsibility is reached, the communities themselves will take-over as Trustees of their own lives and interactions and the Foundation will simply act as coordinator and not as centralized decision maker.

Human Worth

The concept of Human Worth is the most fundamental element of our proposed economic system. We believe that there is an intrinsic economic value in every person no matter of its education, experience, age, sex, race or color. Each person is capable of producing and exchange a direct human energy service.


Our world for thousands of years has been based on the belief system that when we are born, we are nothing, know nothing and worth nothing. We believed that this value exists outside of ourselves and that we need to seek and possess that value – instead of recognizing our own inner value

It has been so far the role of the adults to teach us as children, how to become somebody, learn the values of this world so we can earn the right of living in it according to its laws and be worthy of been fellow humans.

HWEF believes that we no longer need that belief system and that we have reached the evolutionary stage of becoming both individually and collectively capable of harnessing our inherent inner worth. That value does not need to be earned by any strife because it belongs to us, we have been endowed with it. This concept values something that has never been valued before and has the potential to skyrocket the global economic output.

Under this perspective our entire life experience takes a whole new meaning and purpose. This meaning and purpose is based in honoring what life has given to us as a present and the only thing we need to do is recognize it, accept it appreciate it and share it interacting with other beings and forms of life which all participate in that dance of life.

That value offered to us by Life itself can fluctuate depending on how wise, appreciative and sharing we are in its utilization. We can donate it, invest it in social causes, barter it, invest it for personal gain, consume it personally, sell it for cash and any of those actions would actually determine its true value in different proportions.

A good question would be how much is worth, that inherent worth. Is it finite or infinite?
Perhaps the answer is – both. We have access to the infinite reservoir of cosmic energy but we can only use as much as we can  handle.

The universe will give us as much as we ask, based on 3 conditions:
a) what we truly need – not simply desire
b) what we are worth – our overall abilities, time & energy invested, willingness to make a difference around us
c) the amount of energy we can handle – only that amount can be disposed to us

So the only real limitations are only posed by our human body and mind – yet our life choices and energy utilization can increase or decrease those limits in varying degrees.

Assigning an intrinsic value to each person in terms of time , makes them capable to trade a significant part of that assigned wealth into a system that recognizes and accounts that value and those trades.
According to the concept of Say’s law “supply creates its own demand” before consumers can become a source of demand, must themselves have been a source of supply. By boosting supply (as value) we can force demand to follow on a macroeconomic level. This is what central banks attempt to do with the massive increase of money supply, printing trillions of fiat money. However the crucial flaw in their approach is, that this money is not productively been distributed in the real economy – simply seek easy & quick speculative gain and instead cause more inequality & economic stagnation. This has currently become more obvious than ever.


No direct reciprocation is demanded or even expected. Each party can post its profile in an app and if another party is interested, then the 2 parties agree on their assigned Utility units value. The transaction is recorded into the Utility system blockchain platform, crediting & debiting the 2 parties. That gives the ultimate flexibility to people seeking whatever they need and offering whatever they have to offer.

The particular characteristics of each person’s human worth, its competitiveness in terms of type & range of services, pricing, delivery, speed, quality, support, geographical coverage, level of activity, recommendations, and overall demand vs supply forms a bidding mechanism and creates a value attached to that particular human worth.
The value of each person´s worth can be increasingly transformed into a tradable commodity, which is assessed & quantified by the laws of demand & supply like a stock or bond.

That commodity could then be traded in a “human capital marketplace” and gradually can be
bartered, auctioned, discounted, invested, lent, borrowed, mortgaged, leased, placed on option, insured, donated, by a variety of instruments involving both a utility currency and a fiat currency.