Illusions about Money

  • The illusion about money is not about its importance.Money in its fundamental meaning is very important, a reflection of perhaps the most important thing in life, so running away from it, exorcising it, would not work or serve us in any way.
  • The illusion is about the nature of money. Money is not what it appears to be.Money in its current monetary currency form is based on scarcity, there is simply too little of it available and that artificial scarcity serves as a way of the few to exercise power over the entire global population with a single tool of control.
    Scarcity is the problem that generates our slavery, dependence, disequilibrium and sense of loss.
  • The real nature of money is wealth and wealth is not an element of scarcity but is instead an element of abundance.The ancient greek word for money is χρῆμα which has the meaning of usage & originates from χρέος which means debt.
  • Basically what the ancient Greeks meant, is that you use something which is not yours and you have to give back.The significance of that concept is fundamental as it actually means that the energy you receive is a gift for which you need to be grateful and you have the cosmic obligation to share and give it to others because it does not belong to you.
    This sharing is the very essence is that enriches you and the others and is the foundation of abundance.

Wealth can be increased effortlessly. The principle of abundance and the unlimited access to it, makes it all possible whereas in the scarcity world interest rates and inflation deems essential for the capitalist system´s survival.

There is no need to artificially manipulate values of economies or growth because there are no wealth privileges to be guarded by any elite, scarcity becomes a principle not serving anyone.

The overall available global and personal wealth is so huge and still untapped, making pointless to try to control its vast uncontrollable nature but instead ride along with it.

The economic cycles of expansion and recession over the last few centuries as well as all the stock market and commodity cycles were always debated whether they were cycles based on fundamental grounds or “technical” grounds as their apparent inevitability could be caused by somehow predictable fundamental excesses or deficiencies or by unpredictable “technical” cyclical wimps of the “market forces”. In any case these upswings and downswings of the economy and the financial markets (frequently not coinciding) have been serving for a redistribution of wealth with the power elites accumulating more of it in either cycle which meant either that they have been engineering those swings or they simply have been best equipped to exploit them.

ees-1Although we recognize that life, people, society and economy we are all subject to cyclical movements, these particular boom & bust cycles experienced till now are unnecessary and are only reflecting the twisted nature of the system they are serving.
The cycles the economy should be experiencing would be almost identical to life´s in general.

Times of activity, creativity, pioneering, growth, expansion and times of passivity, analysis, retrospection, consolidation, integration alternating in a constant wave of smaller and larger cycles none of which needs to be excessively exuberant or panicky because they all serve their purpose.

In no cycle there is anything to be won or lost as they both contribute to abundance access and distribution. Economy would still expand and contract but in true energy terms and not artificial monetary ones. The expansion or contraction would refer to the energy flow distribution speed and neither a faster or slower speed would really affect the economy it total or the people participating in it, in any negative way of loss or speculatively gainful way.

We consider essential to demonstrate what consists real wealth and how to easily access it bypassing fiat money as a form of energy and liberating society from its slavery. Re-educate and empower people on how to perceive, relate and use that energy source to their best interest in harmony with cosmic energy laws.
Our proposed economic system describes how poverty/scarcity VS wealth/abundance, interrelate with disease VS healing, aging VS rejuvenation, fear VS trust, discontentment VS fulfillment, separation VS interconnection, living in the past/future VS living in the here/now.

The power of Money

Virtually all humans believe that money holds a power over them & rules their decisions, priorities & lives in general. The perceived difficulty in obtaining it & sustaining it and the difficulty in deciding how to dispose it better, spending it, saving it, investing it, managing it for others, receiving it and giving it has become the centerpiece of our civilization for many centuries and with the introduction and increasing spread of money as a currency, that difficulty has been intensified as it now days rules almost all living related transactions not to mention financial & economic transactions.

In the old days people could produce and use directly what they needed and barter the excess with what they could not have otherwise. The standardization of the economies and the role of money appeared to help provide all that people needed providing a liquidity in the trading of goods & services but it caused an unseen effect which even now it escapes detection. It robbed people of a large part of the value of that trading because of the logistical cost it added to the movement of all products & services which was added on their sale value.

Eventually that logistical cost became the major power tool used by all people & groups who controlled that logistical flow, whether that was farming landholding, means of industrial production or means & flow of information.

Initially the various political/economic systems´ need was exploiting the masses and keep them in poverty and ignorance. Eventually global trading & Industrial revolution focused in creating semi-privileged classes within their own territories to be able to purchase their high-end products & services while at the same time imperialism focused in exploiting and keeping in poverty other geographical regions while raising the standard of living of their own countries citizens for the same economic reasons. Outright ancient slavery was replaced by the feudalistic version of it and then the imperialistic one which created the trading middle class and recently the information slavery.

Nowadays, developed countries’ economic systems revolve around a large middle class which is enslaved to that economic system in a subtler yet more sinister way, by creating a value system of dependence on things that is hard to be replaced or challenged and they all rotate around the need for acquisition, preservation, consumption and investment of money. The entire education and workplace environment as well as the majority of human relationships are determined by the value of money directly or indirectly. In developing countries the same values are what people aspire to and the poorer 3rd world countries are trapped into a painstakingly long process towards the same goal.

Everyone believes that he needs the money and the more one can obtain or has, the better his life is or will be.
Its value and importance has reached idolized proportions. The amount of fear and worry about its difficult or uncertain acquisition or loss and the greed about that acquisition, augmentation and preservation has in fact converted it into a totem, one with magical powers over us.

Money has become responsible for everything good & evil in our lives, ruling our emotions, physical health, mental clarity and spiritual peace. Its possession or lack of it solely seems to create and resolve the most serious problems in our lives. Our entire life is about money or better is an expression of money. We seek its possession as a way to empower ourselves but we in fact end up more disempowered by its energetic distortion. In our sporadic glimpses of clarity we realize that this is absurd and need to liberate from that slavery of money and it should not be important in our lives. However a little later we confront the same inner and outer conflicts with it and we are trapped all over again.

Power as the aim of Money

The purpose of money in our life is perceived as the fundamental tool to empower ourselves, feel safe, free, acknowledged, worthy, respected, loved. Our life’s odyssey is not about money but instead about power. We just ended up to believe that money buys us power. In the process of our power-seeking journey, we lose our inner connection and forget our true self.

The entire human history has been a showcase of the craving for power and control of the elites over the masses and the enslavement of society in a variety of forms utilizing ignorance, superstition, manipulation, hope & fear, intimidation or brutal force. Economic control has always been the method through which power was exercised. Throughout the millennia not much has changed. The system has become more sophisticated but still reflects the same enslavement principles.

The power elites have had to evolve and allow societies to evolve along with them in order to serve their own self-interests better. Just like when global trading and then industrial revolution were serving better the power elites of those times, they also created a new middle class which has been growing ever since representing now about ¼ of the global population.

Although this class has been manipulated to serve the interests of the elite, it has recently represented a growing threat to that elite because its demands and its clout keep growing constantly and it has become increasingly more difficult to keep control of that growth. The emerging economies’ middle classes have more than doubled worldwide in just 30 years. Just printing more money in the developed economies has been undermining the system itself because that money has been either fleeing their economies or was recycling in speculative loops. The speculative money fever moved to the emerging economies undermining even further the developed ones destabilizing control.

Financialization of the Global Economy

The serious damage started over the last 4 decades, when financial markets became "institutionalized “shifting from the domination by wealthy individuals of the past few centuries.

This institutionalization created the “shadow banking system “ a term used during the 2000´s which was consisting of financial entities-funds such as pension , mutual , index, exchange traded, hedge plus insurance companies, banks and investor groups .That institutionalization was a result of the financialization of the economy which in conjunction with neo-liberalism and globalization has transformed the real economies worldwide shifting their gravity from the production & service sectors and starving them of financial resources plus forcing them to allocate disproportionate amounts to the finance industry and stagnate.

Speculation kept shifting between stock markets, housing markets and commodity markets and between developed and emerging economies. The slowing growth on the real economy in US in the early 70´s created a large capital surplus with no satisfactory productive investments in the real economy. Financialization become its only outlet out of stagnation and via neoliberalism and deregulation of the industry became a viable option. Then globalization made it possible to export it and persuade, corner or attack specific strategic emerging economies and enforce the neo-liberalization & financialization of their economies.

From 2008 till now, the developed world’s central banks have pumped into the global markets 10’s or trillions’of Quantitative Easing in one form or another – which has distorted and continues distorting the economies and the markets to the degree that no one could really estimate where the equilibrium of deflationary and inflationary danger was and how to regain that balance without overheating of choking the economy. Central banks kept that QE for so long trying to ensure that their economies did not plummet into a recession or depression. However this has been an economic tool to be used sparingly and for a very short term instead of becoming a permanent economic policy tool. That should be the job of governments drafting daring structural changes to stimulate the economies, something that never happened. Whatever GDP growth was appearing during those years was only a direct result of the assets’ inflationary effect the QE had, circulating through the economies masked as growth. It was not robust enough though to convince anyone with brains to believe that it was real growth and that is why it kept going for so long. The inability of the capitalist system to produce inflation had been causing serious alarm, indicating that the economies were moving in unpredictable unchartered territory. Then the Covid-19 pandemic served as the perfect tool to reverse this conundrum and create inflation by stimulating high pending consumer demand while supply was unable to catch up. The Ukranian war added to the current inflationary trend. This is the damage of the financialization has been causing to the real economies globally. It has been artificially determining demand and supply forces, crippling the real economic forces from demonstrating the true directions.

Self- Interest vs Society´s interest

Adam Smith back in 1776 in its Wealth of Nations book pointed out that self interest in combination with competitive markets is the best mechanism to govern an economic system providing a fair equilibrium between all parties involved hinting in a way that an “invisible force” guides all individuals to serve society in that way although it may not have been their original intention.

Smith was pretty close to reality in his philosophical and economic assessment. However the distortions to the economic systems over the next centuries proved that human nature was more complex than he evaluated. Big money funds speculating on the domestic & global markets, have been virtually cornering the markets in both the upswings and downswings and can not be effectively arbitraged to create an equilibrium in the respective real economies which they are distorted with their financial movements. These $5 trillion speculating daily in the financial markets were supposed to be put into productive investment use in the real economies (stimulated by loose monetary policies, easy credit and lower tax rates).

Money however has been seeking higher returns and higher returns were more readily, rapidly available and at lower risk in financial speculation rather than in productive investments. Money has become a self-serving entity providing no service to society or even the individuals as it is beyond the reach of most people and even temporary gains made by individuals like in the 1980´s, 1990´s and the 2000´s were wiped out by the subsequent financial disasters of the 1987 stock market crash, the junk bonds crash of the late 80´s, the savings & loan crisis of the early 90´s, the dot-com bubble burst of 2000, the financial meltdown of the 2007-2009 and now the Pandemic crisis.

The financial sector of all economies has been bloated in both good and bad times and has been determining the fate of the entire economic system. Financial institutions responsible for the financial crises they cause when the crashes arrive they have been considered “too big and too important for the economy to let them fail” and have been salvaged at taxpayers expenses. The wealth illusion created by the housing & stock market bubbles which was devised in order to allow people to maintain or extend their lifestyle simply by borrowing against their inflated home equity or collateralized shares rather than by higher income earnings could no longer be sustained. Neither Smith nor anyone else – at least until the 70´s – could foresee this distortion. Even more closed economies with strong social nets like EU or Japan could not avoid the consequences.

We believe it is not so difficult to design a system where the self-interest of the individuals and the interests of the society as a whole are running parallel without conflict of interest, just like Smith was portraying. The difficulty though is in the existence and parasitic purpose of the $ trillions financial speculation transacted daily distorting the economies and corresponding values of stocks, bonds, real estate and commodities, depriving the economy of valuable resources and creating an artificial scarcity. Additionally, the mortgaging of the future of upcoming generations with increasingly massive debts (sovereign, trade & current acct, corporate and consumer ones) is creating an unsustainable future. After nearly 2 entire generations have been nurtured with these principles and lived in this reality, the entire value system of society and individuals has been corrupted. The common enemy of all humans and their society has become money itself, as it has outgrown and distorted its useful purpose and has become a self-serving entity depriving society and all beings in general of their access to wealth as it was intended to be.

Employment vs Self Employment

The exploitation of fellow humans throughout the millennia should be challenged with an alternative of freedom and responsibility for all. The energetic relationship between employers and employees has always been one of mutual exploitation

Whereas the employer plays the role of trying to extract the maximum value of work from his employees at the minimum cost possible and cheat the employee whenever he can get away with it and the employee plays the role of trying to avoid any work or time unsupervised, extract the maximum amount of money possible by any legal or illegal or immoral means he can get away with. Of course that’s a gross generalization and does not fully describe the moral ethic of all employers and employees but the fundamental pattern between the 2 parties had always been one of fear, mistrust, lack of giving, lack of commitment, lack of appreciation and lack of responsibility.

The concept of radically altering that diseased relationship with one of mutual freedom and responsibility by all parties involved and converting every individual into a self-employed freelancer, independent contractor, consultant, businessman can be one of enormous empowerment specially in developing and 3rd world countries.

Each person with his own webpage or social media page and mobile app presenting himself, stating his skills, making it available to whoever needs it and negotiating a short or long term contract where all expectations and commitment by both parties are clearly defined, quantified and qualified, just like in any other business contract, will provide an increased clarity, a higher productivity, raise personal and business incomes, free valuable time and provide a sense of wellbeing for all.

A sense of trust and confidence can gradually emerge

Human Worth

The world for thousands of years has been based on the belief system that when we are born we are nothing, know nothing and worth nothing. We believed that this value exists outside of ourselves and that we need to seek and possess that value - instead of recognizing our own inner value
It has been so far the role of the adults to teach us as children, how to become somebody, learn the values of this world so we can earn the right of living in it according to its laws and be worthy of been fellow humans. So we have to listen and obey our parents, teachers, political & spiritual leaders in order to understand how to behave, understand what matters and be trained

how to get a proper education, get a proper job, get a proper spouse, get a proper house, raise proper children and die a proper death as productive members of the society. We learn to obey instructions and disregard our inner soul instincts, since our early childhood. Initially when we are young children we instinctually detect that there is something wrong with all adults who seem lost but because our parents as well behave in the same way and we love our parents, we forgive them and try to please them until we grow and reach the age of 10, forgetting who we are and start becoming like them, lost , striving for grades, career, security , recognition, money, power, “love” in an endless loop that cannot possibly earn us what matters most to us – our forgotten identity and worth. Although forgotten, that identity is not lost as its essence supersedes all other artificial values and at times we get glimpses of it and get reconnected.

HWEF believes that we no longer need that belief system and that we have reached the evolutionary stage of becoming both individually and collectively capable of harnessing our inherent inner worth.

That value does not need to be earned by any strife because it belongs to us, we have been endowed with it.

Our actions can preserve or waste this inherent value in different ways. Each way that  is expressed through, condenses its original value in varying degrees.  Under this perspective our entire life experience takes a whole new meaning and purpose. This meaning and purpose is based in honoring what life has given to us as a present and the only thing we need to do is recognize it, accept it appreciate it and share it interacting with other beings and forms of life which all participate in that dance of life.

That value offered to us by Life itself can fluctuate depending on how wise, appreciative and sharing we are in its utilization. A good question would be how much is worth that inherent worth. Is it finite or infinite? Perhaps the answer is – both. We have access to the infinite reservoir of cosmic energy but we can only use as much as we can handle.

The universe will give us as much as we ask, based on 3 conditions:
a) what we need b) what we are worth and c) the amount of energy we can handle.

Defining more clearly those conditions:

a) Need means true need not flimsy desire

b) Worth is equivalent to our overall abilities, time & energy invested and willingness to make a difference around us

c) No amount of energy will be disposed to us if we cannot handle it.

So the only real limitations are posed by our human body and mind but our life choices and energy utilization can increase or decrease those limits in varying degrees.

Defining Human Economic Worth

We believe that there is an intrinsic value in every person no matter of its education, experience, age, sex, race or color and that each person is capable of producing a direct human energy service, irrelevant of means of production or information.

This concept values something that was never valued before and has the potential to skyrocket the GGP (gross global product).
So the assumption goes like this:
We are born every day with a daily economic self-worth of 1,188 units (or US$1,188 in 2022) which translates to 99 units/hour x 12 productive hours daily. However that value diminishes depending on how we use it.

We can offer it in some form, or use it personally or invest it productively for the common good or convert it to cash and those actions determine its value in different proportions. Of course whether that value is accurate or not and by which standards is anyone´s guess and can be initially ridiculed how an African who works and lives for $2 /day could be worth 600 times more and how economically viable is that.

However the principle behind the concept is not new. Any capitalist based system has always been trying to boost the purchasing capacity of its own citizens and of other countries in its attempt to transform them into better and wealthier consumers of its products & services. It artificially pumps wealth into weak sectors of its society or poorer countries and eventually succeeds to raise their standard of living and their net worth. Is not much different than that.

Assigning a intrinsic value to each person in terms of time , makes them capable to trade a significant part of that assigned wealth into a system that recognizes and accounts that value and those trades.

Let’s reflect on the concept of Say’s law that “supply creates its own demand” because before they can become a source of demand, customers must themselves have been a source of supply. In the course of making his merchandise, a producer will pay wages to his workers, rent to his landlord, interest to his creditors, the bills of his suppliers and any residual profits to himself. These payments will at least equal the amount the entrepreneur can get for selling his product. The payments will therefore add as much to spendable income as the recipients’ joint enterprise has added to supply. At the macro level of an economy, there is no someone else. The economy is an integrated whole. What it purchases and distributes among its members are the self -same goods and services those members have jointly produced. At this level of aggregation, the economy is in fact not that different from the subsistence farmer.

What it produces, what it earns, and what it buys is all the same, a “harvest” of goods and services, better known as gross domestic product. By boosting supply (as value) we can force demand to follow on a macroeconomic level.
This is what central banks attempt to do with the massive increase of money supply, printing trillions of fiat money. The only problem with their approach though is, that this money is not productively been distributed in the real economy and simply seeks easy & quick speculative gain and instead causing more inequality and economic stagnation.

Human Worth as Commodity

The particular characteristics of each person’s human-worth, its competitiveness in terms of type & range of services, pricing, delivery, speed, quality, support, geographical coverage, level of activity, recommendations, and overall demand vs supply can form a bidding mechanism and create a value attached to that particular self-worth.

The value of each person´s worth can be increasingly transformed into a tradable commodity, which is assessed & quantified by the laws of demand & supply like a stock or bond.

That commodity could then be traded in a “human capital marketplace” and gradually can be bartered, auctioned, discounted, invested, lent, borrowed, mortgaged, leased, placed on option, insured, donated, by a variety of instruments involving both a utility currency and a fiat currency. That commodity and its trading can be owned by the person himself/herself and can be managed by himself (or by contracting that management to someone else, where & when logistics or level of education or other obstacles make it difficult to manage by himself). Because every bit of information can be publicly recorded in a blockchain , through smart contracts, any abuses by representatives will be relatively minimal and even when they surface, they eventually be eliminated because the human-worth of any manipulators would be turning to be a self- destructive force for their own human-worth.

People can start creating cooperatives, associations, partnerships and companies fusing their human worth into more attractive services either by price or diversity or speed or coverage or other yardsticks, thus being able to administer their services cheaper and more efficiently as well as promoting themselves better, by pooling resources for joint overheads for administration & support as well as promotion.

However those entities they form, would be distinctively different to companies as have been operating till now. Rather than belonging as ownership to one or few people, it would be collectively owned with everyone been either a stake-holder or a limited partner or a member either sharing the total or been awarded a particular service award.

We intend to establish advisory services around the globe assisting people in that economic self-assessment.

Human Worth is the most fundamental element of our proposed economic system No direct reciprocation is demanded or even expected. Each party will post its profile and if another party is interested, then the 2 parties agree on their assigned Utility units value, it will be recorded into the Utility system, crediting and debiting the parties. That will give the ultimate flexibility to people seeking whatever they need and offering whatever they have to offer.

Human Worth Economic System

Let’s assume that each human has been transferred a daily economic worth which is simply a part of the electromagnetic energy that the human body receives from the universe and processes every day in order to stay alive & well.

Sustaining the human body involves various processes all of which engage the reception of the universal electromagnetic energy which stimulates initially the pineal gland which in turn triggers the hypothalamus and pituitary both of which produce a wide range of neurotransmitters to keep us alive and well physiologically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually. No system in the human body can possibly function at all, if the pineal gland doesn’t get triggered by the universal electromagnetic energy/chi/prana.
That same energy contains a credit of daily economic worth, to sustain the practical aspects of the human life – just like oxygen is necessary for breathing.

So if we are born every day with a daily economic human worth of 1,188 units (or US$1,188 today in 2022) that translates to 99 units/hour x 12 productive hours daily. It is actually not important if that assessment is accurate, it could be any arbitrary figure which would work as well as long as the credit & debit interactions are kept in equilibrium.  Remember that wealth in the Human Worth system is not accumulated by acquisitions but by its various usage methods. It is not about what you own that is going up or down in value but about how you use the resources that you have access to, that is creating that value increase or decrease. That assumption of 1,188 units of daily economic worth amounts to a global potential daily economic activity worth more than US$ 8 trillion $/ or US$3,000 trillion annually. However, we have to consider it as been only the human-worth potential value which of course gets diminished by its type of usage.

That value however, solely considers individual economic worth without calculating how these interactions balloon the size of a global economy to spectacular 16 figures. The comparison with the total cash economy size of a mere 100 trillion raises serious questions over the true size of the global economy and what constitutes real value.

However that 1,188 energy units daily value diminishes depending on how we use it. First of all 459 are consumed in the sustaining of our human body, leaving 729 for interactive use. We can offer it in some form, or use it for our needs or invest it or convert it to cash and those actions determine its value in different proportions.

  • If we unconditionally donate it  is worth 729 units (Or US$729 today in 2022)
  • If we barter/exchange it (not for products or other services but only for DHES Direct Human Energy Services) it is worth $648


  • If we invest it in an ethical socially responsible & productive long-term 10y + investment it is worth $567
  • If we invest it in an ethical socially responsible & productive  short-term investment, it is worth $486 (Short-term does not mean speculative and still has to create tangible social benefits)


  • If we barter it for products or other indirect services is worth $405
  • If we use it as a discount voucher is worth $324
  • If we spend/ consume it towards non-essential survival purposes is worth $243


  • If we use it to generate/obtain scarcity currency/cash- only is worth $162
  • If we convert it into a scarcity currency/cash is worth $81

OBTAIN it without earning it

  •  If we inherit it is worth $27
  •  If we gamble it to obtain cash is worth $9
  •  If we steal to obtain it in cash or any other form is worth $1

The main principle is that cosmic energy value is abundant and we all have a right to it but the more we honor and recycle back that energy through unconditional, trust and service the more rights we retain and can access for our needs. The more we entrap ourselves into the scarcity principles of the economic systems seeking cash to meet our desires and satisfy our fears, the more we separate from the Source and cosmic principle of abundance.

As it becomes obvious its daily intrinsic value diminishes if is utilized with the intention of gaining personal profit and specially when converting it into any of the scarcity fiat currencies. The more noble and giving is its usage the more value it retains. It loses some value when we invest it productively for the society, it loses some more when we use it for our own needs and loses way much more when we obtain it if it does not belong to us and have not earned it. Our proposed economic system is based on the circulation of those values and whoever wants to participate into the system and record those transactions automatically have his/her account credited and debited based on the corresponding value of those transactions.

What we need in life is not money/cash and we don’t need to enslave ourselves to it. We need food, shelter, safety, contentment, peace and love. We can meet these needs by focusing exactly on what we need and not on the cash “required to buy those needs”, by directly relating with each other.

Our proposed system “rewards” the preservation of those fundamental cosmic principles and values and “penalizes” their abandonment, therefore creating an education mechanism for people to test by themselves the validity of this utility worth. Basically scarcity cash is readily available to buy and sell through our entire system but for each $ that someone sells to us receives several times the value in utility credits in contrast to when someone wants to buy a $ , he has to pay with several times the value in utility credits which eventually makes apparent that there is much more value preserved in the utility currency and transactions and people would prefer to maintain and trade utility credits rather than keep converting cash for utility credits and back to the cash/fiat because the purchasing and exchange value of cash/fiat diminishes.

The difference between using it as unconditional offering of direct human service VS using it to convert in scarcity cash is 9 times more and VS stealing it is 729 times more. A very clear and strong incentive linking universal ethics with tangible value. An entire new class of “utility credit rich” people and organizations will arise . But in contrast with any other rich of the past, these people and organizations wealth was due to the service they provided to humanity and life in general.

Practically here are some examples of how the WREAL system of value has been working.

You start your day with 1,188 (universal energy units)

459 (nearly 40%) are consumed in the sustaining of your human body. You are left with 729 for interactive use.

  • If you unconditionally do something for someone else personally you maintain those 729 in your credit account.
  • If you ethically/socially-productive invest this 729 for a long term it loses a 22% and goes down to 567 in comparison with unconditional service donated
  • If you ethically/socially-productive invest this 729 for a short term it loses a 37% and goes down to 459 in comparison with unconditional service donated
  • if you barter DHES services (Direct Human Energy Services) with someone, it loses a 52% and goes down to 351
  • If you spend it consuming it in merchantize for personal reasons it loses 67% of its value and goes down to 243
  • If you convert it for cash it loses 90% of its value and goes down to 81

Now in reverse if you have US$81 in cash and you wish to convert it into W$ Utility tokens you get credited with

  • W$108 if you use it for products purchase through the Utility network
  • W$135 if you barter it for DHES through the Utility network
  • W$162 if you invest it in a Utility denominated short term productive investment 3+ y
  • W$189 if you invest it in a Utility denominated long term productive investment 10+ y
  • W$216 if you donate it to qualified 5* individual (who unconditionally donate DHES)
  • W$243 if you donate it to qualified 5* organization (which unconditionally donate DHES)

So practically the conversion of US$ into W$ Utility tokens, multiplies its value between 30% and 300% while the conversion of Utility credits into US$ diminishes its value by 90%

In 2022 US$1 = 1 W$ Utility token.

However in the initial stage of our Human Worth Exchange project, for logistical administrative purposes and for faster and more wide-spread adoption of the utility system we have decided to simplify those values by reducing the categories into only 3.

  1. Donations to NGOs,
  2. Barter of DHES direct human energy services,
  3. Product purchases see details


Children’s Worth

The question will arise at some point in regards to children’s Human Worth. What is the contribution of children in the energy utilization scale and what should be credited to them daily? We believe that children may not contribute economically through an action such barter, invest, consume but they do contribute by donating their Soul & Source presence, joy and love. Their presence and existence enrich adult lives, therefore their emotional energy contribution needs to be acknowledged and credited for.

Therefore each day a newborn child gets credited by 729 Utility credits, as its existence is still unconditional. For each subsequent year the daily credit gets reduced by 3% until the age of 6, then reduced by 4.5% until the age of 12 and finally reduced by 9% until the age of 18.

The accumulated credits are something like an endowment for each child reaching majority age, rewarding the first years of childhood more than the latter. It can be used solely by that child him/herself, not by parents or other adults during those 18y or even after. It cannot be transferred to any adult and it cannot be used as collateral for any adult. The universe intended this energy for that specific child and is the sole beneficiary of that endowment to use as he/she wishes when reach majority age. However during its childhood years, each child retained the right to use some of this credit for educational, health or spiritual development purposes. Also occasional transfers between consenting children when a child decides to donate credit to another child for a truly altruistic reason while the existing credit of the receiving child is not sufficient, would be allowed and in fact those actions are considered Utility transactions and credit the givers with active credit. In general though, all children will have sufficient credit accumulated in order to manifest anything.

We have to make clear that these endowments are not simply child-specific but most importantly they are endowments for childhood and not for adulthood. What that means is that once a child reached the age of 18 he/she would have 1 year to dispose that accumulated credit towards any personal consumption, productive investment or unconditional donation  or it would be automatically erased.
The economic implications of those endowments would be apparent once a critical mass in children numbers and a couple of decades pass.

Physical, Emotional, Mental, Human Worth

Eventually the Utility system will start growing much further than Human Economic Worth. People will be invited and encouraged to honestly assess and quantify their human worth in every aspect, physically (state of health), emotionally (capacity or impediments to feel, to love, to enjoy), mentally (level of clarity, stimulation, creativity) , spiritually ( level of peace, contentment, compassion, service).

A Physical Human Worth profile could help someone i.e negotiate better insurance, being offered better business opportunities, being more attractive as an intimate partner or a friend and the competitiveness it would create will prompt people to look after themselves better.

An honest Emotional Human Worth profile would also provide a good indication to clients, traders, sexual and intimate partners, friends and colleagues to assess with whom they are dealing with and would also prompt people to better themselves and look after their emotional balance as essential part of their overall being.
An honest Mental Human Worth assessment and a Spiritual Self-Worth assessment would serve people in their interactions and would encourage them to better themselves

Of course any attempts to deliberately misrepresent or mislead the public in their profile presentations would either be warned or penalized through the feedback posting of others who have experienced the relevant characteristics in their previous interactions. These feedback postings as well would be monitored for their honesty, as the penalization could end up against the ones posting misrepresented comments.

The Human Worth system would keep evolving. The physical, emotional, mental & spiritual self-assessment would boost the employment and net worth of hundreds of millions of people affirming that the initial daily value assessment of each person is not illusionary but instead is within reach, as the growth of GGP figures will confirm.

That self-assessment beyond the obvious help in consciousness-deepening it would provide to people, it would serve them to communicate, interrelate it with others “trading” it in a way by receiving what they may lack (borrowing, leasing, purchasing, bartering or receiving a donation) or offering it (donating , lending, leasing, selling, auctioning it).

For example, rather than the initial expectation that everyone would seek the perfect candidates to relate or trade with, in practice, people would (as they have always been) attracted & matched by the complementary nature of the profiles they were coming across. Just like in a date matchmaking site, someone would be attracted by a brunette single mother studying pottery with a shy attitude, people of the Self Worth sites would be attracted by “strengths” or “weaknesses” of the other people because either they would complement their own strengths/weaknesses or they would be inspired by the honesty of those profiling themselves with no fear or shame or any other reason at all.

The most amazing creative combinations would start surfacing. Here are some examples:

  • Someone could seek to borrow or lease someone’s physical health time, skills to help them get motivated and inspired to overcome obsessive eating patterns. The person offering that would not need to be a professional, could be an average neighbor. The person receiving that could reciprocate by let’s say offering to the giver or to someone else his mental clarity strength – teaching him/her how to keep proper accounting books or how to better promote his/her profile.
  • A children’s orphanage would post a request or contact someone who is willing to donate their love and empathy to the children, perhaps offering in exchange dance classes by one of the staff working there.
  • A graphic artist could auction her skills to the public and the winner would offer 50% of the value of the service agreed as a personal loan to her brother and the other 50% as a donation to a temple that would need some kitchen repairs. The type of auction would attract great interest by generating more publicity for the graphic artist by the general public, while maximizing the value generated and divested to selfless yet productive purposes.

Eventually, people could freely offer their “weaknesses” into the system. They could lend their diabetes to a nutraceutical manufacturer, lease out their depression to a herbal plantation farmer, rent short-term their fear to a skydiving operator, mortgage their anger to a dancing studio, auction their obesity to health resorts, sell their mistrust to a meditation retreat.

So everything would be of value although eventually values would be transformed based on the availability of choices presented.

When a concoction of sublingual supplements could reverse diabetes, someone would still have the choice to embrace the new possibility or not and could still opt for depression although a simple herbal tea taken 2wice a day for 3 months could shift the neurotransmitters equilibrium.

A person after a skydiving experience may have chosen to overcome his fears or may not be ready yet, A person ruled by anger may have discovered that creative expression through dance could liberate her from anger or perhaps chose to stick with anger a bit longer, An obese person could choose to maintain and enhance the benefits experienced in a health retreat or not still preferring obesity as a protective mechanism. One could still choose to hold on to mistrust in life although his meditative experience has unfolded a wider set of options.

The manufacturer, the farmer, the skydiver, the health resort, the dance studio, the meditation instructor would be “paying” the participants bringing forth their “weaknesses” by offering their services for free, while gaining publicity, so there would be no value lost but rather enhanced.

Life Auction

The Human Worth system would eventually give birth to The Life Auction. The growth of the Human Worth principle, the empowerment it creates in the lives of people and the multitude of possibilities it provides, would stimulate an ever-increasing creativity, which would lead to the creation of LifeAuction.

People would be auctioning everything: their time to anyone who needs it, their beliefs to whoever can be inspired, their body to scientists, photographers, artists, , their ideas, to businesses, artists, families, their feelings to others that need them to trigger their own, their credit, to whoever may need it temporarily, their freedom to assist people who don’t have or don’t know how to create it, their dreams & visions to inspire others finding their own, their spiritual insights, to awaken other people’s sense of peace & inner connection, their sins, to the ones struggling to forgive themselves or others, their lifestyle, to inspire or induce reflection to others’ lifestyle choices, their honesty to liberate others from hiding & suppressing their own truth and so on.


We envision a world, whose economic, political & social system are governed by a new ethical economic system which is in harmony with cosmic universal values. A new economic system based on abundance rather than scarcity. A new economic system which would cause & sustain a global transformation socially, economically, politically, culturally, scientifically, educationally, ethically and most importantly spiritually.

A world that values our human worth and uses it as its fundamental economic principle. Everything has value. The only thing required is to reveal this value and unlock its potential. This value can then be used more efficiently, unrestricted, fairly, safely & in consensus, thus becoming more valuable to all their participants.

True value lies in the usage & interaction rather than ownership. Temporary Ownership becomes useful only when it supports & enhances usage & interaction. Money is an energy form and it has to flow and produce harmonically, otherwise its distortion, stagnation or excess backfires & becomes cancerous.

The only question we are all confronted with is : IS THIS VISION EXISTING or NOT?

Forget how possible or difficult or complicated may seem, because all these doubts are part of our social and neurological conditioning: IT is either EXISTING or is NOT.
The paradox is that only what already EXISTS …can EXIST. What we perceive as potential future existence, is actually an existing past existence, calling us to tune-in and recognize it. Its recognition creates a photonic field entanglement in which the past & future offset each other, cause & effect interact in a mutual agreement and it all meets in what we experience now.
Nothing can be perceived if it does not exist. It is its very existence that vibrates in a centrifugal spin and causes our perception of it.

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The only difference among the myriad things we perceive is momentum, an one-pointness that supersedes all other perceptions doubts, fears, conditioning and sees in a consistent way what it is, in a complete form. The existence of what is envisioned causes the vision itself. Instead of striving to “get there” by using the conditioning of our “limited resources”- money, time, people etc, the only thing required is that we allow the existing energy accumulation of its complete formation to fuel its “manifestation”.

No matter how hard we try to accelerate photonic energy towards the speed of light we would never succeed. Instead we can decelerate tachyonic energy (speed faster than light) towards the speed of light and that automatically pulls our photonic energy towards the 2 forces mutual meeting at the point of the speed of light. This is a cosmic manifestation principle and it requires no strife. Just the mutual recognition of the 2 forces – which are actually one.