Our HWEF Human Worth Exchange Foundation, Introduces a pioneering ethical socio-economic system which aim to reveal that every person has an intrinsic & quantifiable economic value - a Human Worth

That Human Worth, has not been utilized by any of the past or present economic models which are based on the possession & control of either a) Assets b) Means of Production or c) Information.

Instead, we demonstrate how this Human Worth economic value, can increase or decrease based on its selfless, neutral or selfish utilization form (such as donation, direct human service barter or consumption) by rewarding selfless actions VS penalizing selfish actions."
We aim to unleash this hidden worth & practically demonstrate with our HWEF projects, that the Exchange of Human economic worth can create an economic abundance, tackling the wide-spread inequality, poverty & human suffering. We intend to exhibit that this is possible without the use of "money"


  • Establishing a Human Worth Exchange based on a Blockchain platform
  • Launching our $W utility token as a trading tool for all human interactions
  • Integrating Direct Human Services, Product Merchants, Employment providers & End-Users
  • Making it accessible via social media, Dapps, mobile payments



  • Donating to the world of an abundant supply of US$1.215 billion value – via our $W tokens
  • Monitoring its ethical distribution towards the prime end-beneficiaries
  • Rewarding selfless actions VS penalizing selfish actions
  • Creating a parallel ethical & productive economic system



We exclusively focus on Vulnerable & Disadvantaged social groups – primarily in 3rd world countries


Attending to their Safety, Health, Nutrition, Education, & Spiritual development.

Children’s Caretakers, Youth & Small Communities

Creating Barter, Education, Vocational Training, Employment, Self-Employment & Microcredit opportunities.